Situation 805: “I got an STI and I haven’t been with anyone else besides my boyfriend.”

Hi guys I want share my situation. I went to the clinic because my body was telling me something wasn’t right. I was in shock when the doctor told me I had Chlamydia! I was in disbelieve. I’ve only had one partner in 3 years. I told my boyfriend about the results, and he was confused and questioned me about who I’ve been with. I told him he’s been the only guy and he accused me of cheating! I have never cheated on him! He’s been acting distant with me and when I asked him to get checked he responded with “if you gave me something we are done!” Deep down I think he’s the one who cheated on me when he went to Vegas, he didn’t answer his phone while he was there and I saw him on his friend’s Instagram dancing with another woman in their VIP area. I confronted him, I calmly asked him if he had been with anyone else to please just tell me, he got angry, yelled at me and told me if I don’t trust him I can pick up my stuff and leave. My friends think he did cheat and he’s making me feel guilty. There’s no other explanation. What do you guys think. (email your situation to: