Situation 805: “I am having a midlife crisis and I’m only 28”

I’m having a mid life crisis and I’m only 28. One minute I was a fun outgoing, cheerful, going out all the time and just living my best life, next minute I am a parent of 3 kids who has no idea who or what is in and I just feel old!! My husband and I got a sitter and went out on Saturday night. I lost contact with many of my old friends after I had kids. I ran into many of them while we were out. It has been a very long time since I’ve been out with out our kids enjoying adult time. Long story short, I feel I’ve lost touch with the times. I don’t know what people my age are up to or what they do for fun. I felt so dorky and out of place. All of my friends are taking trips, looking their best, and I feel I am aging way faster than all of them in every way it seems. I need a balance but I don’t know where to start. I love my kids but I feel I should of waited a little longer. My kids are my priority but this weekend made me realize I need to have that adult time to enjoy myself and keep growing as an individual. Anyone else feel this and how did you find balance? Help

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