Situation 805: “My husband’s step brother gave me a gift, IDK who to feel about”

Hi Danger & Loui and everyone listening. It was my birthday last week and my husband threw me party. It was my birthday party/ promotion party. Yes, I also got promoted at work! Well, I work with my husband’s step brother, but in different departments. I work behind the scenes where my job requires me to dress up to work, I don’t get to dress pretty. It’s rare that people at work see me done up. Well my brother in law decided it was a good or funny idea to gift me one of those cheap makeup kits that has all these different products. In the card he wrote “from me and the guys, use it, and not just once a year!” I felt offended. The following day I went back to work the guys in that department kept asking me when am I going to use the gift. I know it’s innocent fun but I honestly feel disrespected by my brother in law. I haven’t told my husband how I feel. If I say something my husband will make this a big deal and tell his step brother off. I really want to avoid the drama, but if I don’t, the jokes at work will continue and I don’t want to deal with it at work. What should I do?(email your situation to: