Situation 805: “Our friend turned into a real B…bridezilla.”

Hi everyone, thank you for reading my email. I am actually with a 2 other girls who are here helping me write this. So all 3 of us are going to be in our friend’s wedding. We got to see our bride maid dresses and they are actually very pretty and would look great if you’re skinny and in shape. Let’s just say the 2 of us shop at in the plus section at stores. We have each separately talked to the bride about the dress and she is coming up with every excuse to convince us to wear them. She tells us they will look good and it’s like, we know you’re lying!! We’ve expressed to her that the dresses aren’t flattering and make us feel uncomfortable. Here’s the thing, she purchased the dresses because she didn’t want us to stress on money since it is a destination wedding. They are non refundable and she doesn’t want us to wear anything else. The wedding is in 2 weeks and she’s being a total bridezilla! We told her if she doesn’t want us to be her bride maids we understand and could just be another guest. She said we’re either bride’s maids or nothing. We all have our flight and hotel booked. We get she’s stressed but at this point we are still planning on going on the trip but not the wedding. Is it petty? Should we just suck it up (pun intended) what would you do?

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