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Situation 805: “I brought a guy home and my dad saw him sneak out my window”

Hi guys! I don’t know what to do and I want to see how other people would handle my situation if they were in my place. I am 20 years old, I live with my parents and my 2 brothers. My parents are very old school strict Mexican parents. I was never able to go on a date if it was just me and a guy, I always had to take one of my brothers with me. Well I met this guy and I did something I had never done, I took him home with me. We hooked up and since I snuck him in the house I had to get him out before my dad got home from work. My room is on the 2nd floor and I helped him climb out of my window. I actually got away with it!!!… so I thought! What I didn’t realize was that my dad was parked across the street and saw him jump out the window, he stayed in his work truck for a while before coming in. My dad hasn’t said anything to me and he doesn’t know I know. He has been acting different around me, he disregards and acts indifferent when I talk to him. I don’t know if I should say something or just act like I don’t know he knows. I am scared of what he will say or if he’ll kick me out if I do bring this up. But at the same time I want us to go back to having a good relationship. My older brother has brought girls home before and no one says anything. I did it once and although I am 20 years old, I feel like I let my dad down. What would you guys do in my place? (email your situation to

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