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Situation 805: “My husband invited my dead beat dad to Thanksgiving at our house”

Good morning guys! I am stoked to hear my situation on the radio. So my estranged father has reappeared into my life after 16 years. I am 38 years old and he left my mom when I was 5 years old. He would occasionally show up to my grandma’s house when I would go visit her. Well I had not seen or heard from him in 16 years. He recently tried reaching out to me and ended up contacting my husband. My husband had never met him, he only knew the little bit that I shared with him. Well my husband invited him to dinner for Thanksgiving at OUR house. I told my husband I don’t want him to come. My husband all of a sudden has a soft spot for my dad. He said he spent a while with him on the phone and he thinks I should give my dad a chance. I understand my husband just wants to help, but I think he should of consulted with me 1st before inviting him to dinner at our house. I want my husband to un-invite him since he’s the one who invited him. My father is a dead beat selfish person. The only reason he is looking to come visit is so he can ask to stay here for a few days since his girl friend kicked him out for domestic abuse. My husband said if I don’t want him to come I can call him and un-invite him myself, otherwise he’ll be visiting. My husband grew up with out a dad. He tells me I am being unfair and I am lucky to still have mine. But do I really? No! Once again my husband thinks he’s helping but it’s actually just causing drama between us now. How do I make him see this?!

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