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Situation 805: “I am gay, I’ve kept it from my family and I’m dreading the holidays”

Am I the only one who isn’t looking forward to the holidays? I guess what I’m dreading most is my relatives constant asking when I’m getting a girlfriend, when am I thinking about getting married and having kids. I am 32 years old and I have been hiding something from them all these years. I am gay. Yes I like men. I have always dated women to see if I would one day I may realize I can fall in love with a woman. I was a man whore, I was able to pretty much get with any girl. Well 3 years ago I started to pursue men (privately not in public). I don’t have a steady partner at the moment but I am happy dating around. My thing is that I don’t feel the need to come out to my family right now. I am not ashamed I just don’t want all the questions or the attention. I am very much an introvert. My family is not homophobic but I know they would be shocked to know I’m gay. (It’s like it’s fine but as long as it’s not one of us.) Trust me, I’ve lived as a straight guy all my life and even though I’ve told a few of my crew members at work they tell me they would never guess it. All my cousins and aunts try to set me up with girls that I obviously don’t care to date. They purposely do it more because they think it’s funny or cute and it’s just something my family does to those of us that are still single. I love my family but I’m not trying to come out to them right now. My question is what can I do during the holidays to keep my cool and easier to get through without having to reveal my secrete. Hopefully someone out there can give me some advise. Thank you.

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