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Situation 805: “No one should have to hear their mom in this context!”

Hi guys. I’m embarrassed to have to write in but I don’t know who to ask for advice with out people knowing it’s my. I am 20 years old and I live with my mom. My mom is on disability and doesn’t work. I work at a tire shop and I help out my mom with money. Well mom recently started seeing some dude she met. One day I came home early from a night out with my friends. It was probably about 11:30pm and I was in my room ready to go to sleep and I heard some sounds coming from upstairs. Mom’s room is directly on top of mine. I thought she was watching a movie so I was walking up to her room and I heard a man’s voice. I realized she wasn’t in there alone. This was the 1st time she’s ever brought a man home. Yes I understand she has the right to do so, but I shouldn’t have to listen to it. I felt so awkward the next day. She tried to be sneaky, but I know what was going on. It’s has become a reoccurring thing and she thinks I don’t know! How do I bring it up to her that it bothers me. No one should have to listen to their mom in THAT context. Before anyone starts saying just move out… that’s not going to happen, it is my mom’s house but I pay for 80% of the of the bills. I have a say so too!               (email your situation to

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