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Situation 805: “We saw mom’s boyfriend holding another woman’s hand”

Hi guys my brother and I are writing in today because we caught my mom’s boyfriend holing another woman’s hand. He did not see us. We were at a department store and he was in line at the register. They weren’t kissing or anything but they were very close and he did pay for her stuff. So now my brother and I are contemplating on telling mom. We just don’t know if she will believe us, because she knows we don’t like him. She thinks we are just trying to separate them (which we are because he is a dirt bag). She had told us she doesn’t want us in her business. So we are on the fence if we should tell her. If she doesn’t believe us, we are just going to be on mom’s bad side. What would you do? What if that lady was a relative and we just end up looking crazy. We should of taken a picture and we don’t have proof. What would you do? (email your

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