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Situation 805: “My bridesmaid broke her leg, is it wrong to kick her out the wedding?”

Good morning guys, I’m in a really tough spot right now and need a little advice. So I’m getting married next Saturday and one of my bridesmaids called last night to tell me that she broke her leg and is in a cast. She called to let me know that she can still walk a little and thinks she can still walk down the aisle and do everything for the wedding. When I called her sister to ask about her leg she told me there’s no way you won’t see the cast and we will have to try and hide it for the pictures. She also said she can’t walk right now at all. So what do I do? Is it wrong to replace her or ask her to sit it out? Am I overreacting to this? What should I do? Am I evil for wanting to take her out of my wedding party?

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