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Situation 805: “My best friend’s new boy friend hit on me”

Good morning Danger and Loui! I love you guys! Okay so my BFF started dating a new guy a few months ago. I thought he seemed like a nice guy and my friend is the happiest she’s been in a couple of years. But last week we were all invited to another friend’s house. My BFF had to leave early for work reasons and I volunteered to take her BF home afterward. When we were alone, he was totally hitting on me. I told him I wasn’t having it and he tried to play it off like he wasn’t hitting on me. Now I feel like I need to tell my friend, but I know it’s not going to go over well. It’s either going to blow up her relationship with him or cause a rift in our relationship. Should I tell her or should I confront him again about it? Or should I just forget about it? (email your situation to:

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