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Situation 805: “The guy I’m seeing has his dead Ex’s pictures all over his place…”


Hey guys and good morning. I’m a really big fan of your show. So I’m emailing you because last night I went to hang out with a guy I’ve been seeing at his apartment for the first time. This guy is really nice and about two years ago his girlfriend died in a car accident. He never talks about her, but said it was a really hard time in his life. Well, when I went over his place last night for the first time there were still several pictures around his place of his deceased girlfriend and it was a little creepy and morbid to me. I’d understand if he had one picture out, but not like seven. They were on the walls in the hallway and in frames on his dresser. Listen we’re not really serious right now but I don’t know if I could be serious with someone who still had that many pictures around the house. He says he’s moved on but has he? Don’t the pictures mean he hasn’t moved on?

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