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Situation 805: “My girlfriend said I wasn’t the best in bed…!”


Hi I need everyone’s opinion on something my girlfriend said to me when she was drunk the other night so I know it’s the truth and how much it hurt my feelings and made me think maybe I shouldn’t propose. Ok tell me how you would react to this: My girlfriend and I did it recently and for me it was great and she told me for her it was great too. I jokingly said “Was it the best” and she laughed and said no it wasn’t the best but it was good and I love you”. Not the answer I wanted. When I pressed her about what she said she admitted that the best she’s ever had was with one of her ex’s who treated her like garbage but it kept her in the relationship. I was so mad I’ve barely talked to her since and she keeps apologizing. She wants to get engaged but how could I get engaged to someone who doesn’t consider me the best she’s ever had. I don’t know what to do. What should I do? Has anyone else been told this and still married the person they were with?


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