Situation 805: “I’m a 22 guy and I’m dating a 30 yr. old woman. I’m debating on telling my sister because it’s actually her best friend. Here’s why….”

Ewrek and Sandy how are you guys? (Sandy you’re my favorite by the way haha) anyways I need some advice! I have a sister that’s 32 years old (I’m 22) and her best friend is 29 but she turns 30 next month. So like back in June my sister her boyfriend, her friend and I went to a party. My sister left with her boyfriend and left her friend with me. Her friend and me started drinking and we ended up making out (that’s it). After the party I sorta avoided her friend and we didn’t see each other for like a month until this month. Her friend came over to a family party and we started talking. Since that family party we’ve been texting and hanging out but a lot, BUT my sister doesn’t know. I actually kinda like her friend. She’s a cool girl, & we’ve never really talked before until now. Anyways, I don’t know if I should tell my sister that we’ve been hanging out. Her friend is worried about the age gap, and she thinks my sister won’t like us hanging out so she’s worried she’ll jeopardize their friendship. Soooooooooo do I tell my sister I’ve been basically dating her friend for the past 2 weeks or should I just wait and see if things get more serious?

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