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Situation 805: “Now I’m the one taking care of the puppy”


Hi good morning guys! Last week, my 17-year-old daughter got suspended from school for doing something really stupid. When asked why she did that, she gave her mother a sob-story about how it would’ve never happened if she had a friend at home to play with…like a puppy. I just rolled my eyes and walked away. My wife, however, took it more seriously than I realized…and the next day came home with a $2,000 purebred puppy. So, not only did she spend money that we don’t have…but she rewarded our kid for being an idiot. With the dog now in the house, I laid down the ground rules on how this was “her dog” and she was to take care of it. Three days later…my daughter only wants to be with the puppy when it wants to be calm and cuddle…and wants nothing to do with it him when he’s hyper and excited, yapping, hungry, or has to pee or poop. The puppy shouldn’t be punished for this, so how do I lay down the law with this without looking like I’m taking it out on a poor defenseless animal? (email your situation to:

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