Situation 805: “Why do women use our kids against us? Help!”

What’s going on guys!! I Listen to The Central Coast Lift Off aka you guys every morning and real enjoy Situation 805. Well I am going through my own situation. I have been Married for about 10 years now we have 3 kids together. My relationship with my wife has turned for the worst. I don’t want to get in to the specifics but let say we argue a lot! She doesn’t trust me and she’s always raising her voice at me. This has not become a healthy environment for our kids to see their parents argue ALL THE TIME! Right???? So I have decide to leave the situation meaning separate, divorce, call it quits, what ever you want to call it. First thing my wife said to me was “since you don’t want to be apart of this family you will never see your kids again, you chose to do your own thing, now you don’t have kids”, and that I’m gonna pay for it. I was like what I chose was not to be in a toxic relationship with her! I NEVER said I didn’t want to be a father and provider for our kids. Why do women always use kids against us??? Can somebody shed some light on this for me? and does anybody have any advise on how I go about keeping my right to see my kids without staying in this toxic relationship?! I appreciate everyone’s help! (email your situation to: