Situation 805: “How do we move forward after finding out my husband used to date men?”

Hey Sandy and DJ Ewrek I have a serious situation 8-0-5 I don’t know if you will be able to relate to or the listeners but here it goes. I been married for about 4 years and have 2 kids together with my husband and live a pretty normal life……Until I found out my husband use to be gay!!! That’s right he dated men!! How I found out is crazy. Let me start by saying I met my husband in collage an dated through all four years and after we graduated we decided moving to the Central Coast would be the right thing for us and the right place to get married and start a family I grew up here he didn’t so for the holidays we go back east to visit his home town and family well this time around we went back to visit and one night we left the kids with his parents for a night out with his friends from high school, it was mixture of guys and girls. Well, anyways when my husband took a bathroom break one his guy friends says to me “he is such a great guy you scored with him,” I responded with “Yes he is” he finishes up with “ I am glad you where the girl who turn him straight.” I WAS LIKE WTF!!! DID YOU JUST SAY? He looked at me and said “oh Sh!# you didn’t know??? forget I said that I am so sorry!” I kept my composure all night till we got in the car and that’s when I told my husband “BE REAL WITH ME, YOU USE TO DATE GUYS?” I was shaking! At first he was like what are you talking about, but after pressuring him he came clean and said yes. He said he was bi-curious, and that I was the first female he dated and fell in love with me. How do I move forward with this I know he loves me but I can’t get the thought of him once messing with guys out of my head. Plus is this something you hide from the person you love and does somebody just stop liking guys?                                                  (email your situation to: