Situation 805: “My wife went from living with her parents straight to getting married to me. She feels she missed out being wild/free & single”

We’ve been married for about 3 years now, and dated from 9th grade till now, so a total of about 9 years and we also have a one year old baby girl. My wife who I love took a three day vacation to Las Vegas to meet with a guy after her birthday. She wanted to figure things, be young, see what she wanted. She didn’t sleep with him, they did kiss once from what she said…. I let her go because I didn’t want her to resent me and I want her to be happy, and want to be with me. We’ve talked a little about it since she got back it’s been interesting. We’re doing better, I’m trying harder. But last night she opened up to me about what’s been on her mind and how she feels. She feels that she never had time to be young, let loose, experience, experiment, sleep around and party. She went from high school and living with her parents to being married and having a baby. She feels she needs to go out and get it out of her system. She feels like she might be a sex addict. Which I can see, and the way she talks about everything. She sounds like one. She does love me and doesn’t want to hurt me. All I’ve wanted was honesty and she’s super open with me. She doesn’t want to divorce, but she also feels like that’s she may need time apart in order for her to figure things out between us. She doesn’t know what to do and neither do I! Is this something young couples deal with when they marry young and don’t know anything else but each other??? Do I wait for her to find out what she wants, or do I move on? (email your situation to: