Situation 805: “My 2 bff’s are dating, and one of them has been cheating…”

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I don’t know why I’m typing this, think I just want a safe outlet without discussing it in real life I suppose. So here it goes, I am kinda in a predicament. My two best friends (male and female) one day decided to start dating. That was 3 years ago. They have been great together from what I have seen, one because we spend a lot of time hanging out. Well long story short I found out my female best friend is cheating on my guy best friend and I am the only one who knows about it. It’s kinda eating me up because he is a good friend also……this whole thing is starting to make me feel awful. Do I tell him to clear my conscious and run the risk of ruining their relationship and also loose a good friendship? Help! (email your situation to: