Today is National Happiness Happens Day and National Dollar Day!! …I just want 100million of them. :)

August 8th

  • National Happiness Happens Day
  • National Frozen Custard Day
  • National Sneak Some Zucchini Into Your Neighbor’s Porch Day
  • National Dollar Day

    National Happiness Happens Day is observed each year on August 8.  Therefore on this day each year just let it happen.  You know.  Happiness.  Because it’s National Happiness Happens Day!

    Happiness is encouraged all day.  Recognize every moment of glee, joy, delight, and pleasure.  Don’t let it pass. Most importantly, a flicker of a giggle should be given its due and should it blossom into full blown happiness, don’t be surprised.  It happens!

    The Secret Society of Happy People is an organization that was founded in August of 1998 and formed to celebrate the expression of happiness. The society encourages members to recognize their happy moments and think about happiness in their daily life.  They have two motto’s which include “Happiness Happens” and “Don’t Even Think of Raining on My Parade.”  Their purpose is to stimulate people’s right to express their happiness.


    You can be happy to share that happiness. Use #HappinessHappensDay to post on social media and let others know to do the same


    Founded in 1999 by the Secret Society of Happy People as “Admit You’re Happy Day,” Happiness Happens Day was created to recognize and express happiness.  August 8 was chosen as it is the anniversary of the first membership in 1998.


    August 8 commemorates the day Congress established the U.S. monetary system in 1786. It’s National Dollar Day!

    The first U.S. dollar bill wasn’t printed until 1862, and it didn’t bear the image of George Washington, either.  Salmon P. Chase, President Lincoln’s Secretary of Treasury, was featured on the first greenback.


    Spend or save a dollar depending on your preference. Use #NationalDollarDay to post on social media.


    Within our research, we were unable to identify the creator of National Dollar Day.  However, the origins are clearly related to the establishment of the U.S. monetary system on August 8, 1786.