Situation 805: “I recently just moved back to the 805, I ran into my ex and…”

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Whats up Dangerrrr and DJ Ewrek so there is this girl I used to date like 4 years ago and I never fell out of love with her even after we broke up and I moved away. We met back in high school and dated for almost 5 years, but her parents got between us and we broke up because they didn’t like the fact I was a different race and religion. Ever since we broke up and I moved on all my relationship have been terrible. Well I moved back to the Central Coast and over the weekend I ran into her at the grocery store. She told me that she’s got 2 kids and is now engaged. She made it clear to me that her fiancé is not what she really wants, that she was settling because of her kids with him…..I am trying to figure out if that was a hint for me to save her and she also kinda gave me a hint she never got over me.  She also gave me her # and said call me sometime…. Should I let her go forever, or talk to her about our feelings? I cannot stop thinking about her. (email your situation to: