Situation 805: “I love my girl but she sometimes shares too much of our biz on social media. I hate it!!”

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I love my girlfriend a lot we been together for 6 years and have a little girl together, there is just one thing I can’t stand and that’s her social media BS…. from the Posting the over the top Sexy pictures that I consider to be borderline racy which quote she says “ I only post them to make me feel good not for likes or extra added attention” sure what ever you say. That’s not even what I am mad at, what is making me furious is the the sharing of our problems on social media and putting me on blast and even going as far as tagging me  in the post so random people hit me up saying I am wrong or a jerk…. for example she will post our issue followed by “ Can somebody tell my boyfriend this isn’t ok and tags me”… when I tell her that BS has to stop she turn and tells me You know I love you and will stop when you start acting right???? who does this??? I am at the crossroad of breaking up because of social media, is this a big enough reason to dump her if she doesn’t stop. I think Ewrek is right when he says people need to stop posting your inner thoughts on social media, I thought it was funny till it started happening to me. (email your situation to: