Situation 805: “Do men have any say so/rights when it comes to pregnancy… keeping the baby?”

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Hey Sandy Danger and DJ Ewrek, I recently found out the girl I have been messing around with for a few months is pregnant. I am not gonna lie I was shocked and terrified but I was ready to take responsibility of what we both had done, then she drops the bomb on me that she is not trying to have this baby, that she is not ready to be a parent. Here’s what she’s told me… she doesn’t want to have the baby, she wants to have an abortion. I told her I don’t want her to have an abortion. So then she said “I won’t have an abortion but I will give it up for adoption, but a closed adoption to a family she has no ties to.” She doesn’t want me to have custody of the baby. Those are the conditions she gave me. Either have an abortion or give the baby up for adoption… but not to me. I feel helpless and I feel that is unfair!! Do I as the father have any rights or say so? I want that child even if I raise it myself. Some of my friends told me to lie to her and let her go through with the pregnancy and when the baby is born flip it on her and file for parental right and fight to keep the baby??? Ready or not to be a parent I could never walk through life knowing I have a child out there?? advise please! (email your situation to: