Situation 805: “That awkward moment when someone in your family deletes you off social media…”

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So, my Sister-in-Law deleted my entire family off of FB and Insta a couple month ago. No clue why. We were never close, but we never had an issue with each other that I know of. It’s just kind of weird, because she’s still “friends” with my friends and my mother-in-law…. I haven’t seen her since she did it, and I wasn’t about to question her, because that sounds so juvenile. Well, in a few weeks .I will be running in to her at our family reunion… So, is that something I should eventually bring up? Or let it go? I’ve had this happen a couple times before, and when I run into the person, they act like we’re BFFs. I just act like nothing happened, but it’s still there no way to question her why she deleted me without looking like a teenager? (email your situation to: