Situation 805: “My husband committed a selfish act…”

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Good morning Beat listeners!! My husband did something very selfish. A quick backstory… my husband and I had been saving money for a year to go on a little get away just me and him. We were planing on going to Cabo in early September. Well now it looks like that’s not gonna happen. All that money that we saved up between the both of us is now gone. He took that money out and used it to fix up his show car. He used it for a new paint job. We have been married for 8 years and we’ve never had any major fights. This has been the biggest by far. He took the money out of our account with out asking me. He broke the news to me last week when I was asking him about booking flights. I broke down and cried. I felt betrayed and cheated. That money was for the 2 of us! He realized how upset I was and he agreed and said it was selfish of him to use that money for his car.He apologized and said there was nothing he can do, that it was too late to go back and that he felt horrible. He keeps saying that next year we will take this trip and he will pay for it all. It’s not the same though. I turn 40 in September and this was supposed be a special trip. I’m not going to file for divorce or anything to that extreme but I do feel like he screwed me over and I just don’t know how deal with my anger. Like I said this is the 1st major fight we’ve had as a married couple and I would like some advice on how to handle this and where to go from here. Help! (email your situation to: