Situation 805: “I haven’t told the girl I’m talking to about my past…”

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Hi! First of all I just want to say thank you for taking the time to read my email and thank you for making this anonymous because I am embarrassed to share this but I want some advice. So I am a 26 year old guy. I served 2 years in county and I am out on probation. I have to wear an ankle bracelet for a while. With out going into detail I was in jail for a non violent crime. It was a mistake I made a few years ago and it caught up with me. I served my time and learned from my mistake. Well now that I am out I have been blessed to get a job with my brother in law doing granite counter tops and floor and stuff. Well I met this cute girl on a dating site, we’ve been talking for a while and she wants to meet up and go out. She invited me to go to the lake with her friends and some of her brothers. I really like this girl and I haven’t told her about me being locked up. I have keep pushing back us meeting until I no longer have to wear my ankle bracelet. I do plan on telling her but I am embarrassed to meet her while I’m still wearing it. I want to make a good impression on her and I don’t need anyone pre judging me. I really like her and I know she likes me. She is starting to think I’m not into her since I keep making excuses to not meet up yet. She thinks I have someone else or that I’m acting shady. I feel like I’m losing her if I don’t meet up with her in person soon. But I also feel she might think I’m a loser if she sees me with this thing on my ankle. What do I do? Do I just tell her about my past? Or just wait it out till I’m completely free? Thanks once again for reading my email! I enjoy listening at work! (email your situation to: