Situation 805: “My wife sees a psychic regularly & I think it’s a bunch of BS & a waste of money.”

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Good morning!! So my situation/drama is a little strange. My wife is spending a lot of money every month on visiting a psychic. She went once with her best friend and ever since then she’s been hooked! She goes at least once a month, some times up to every 2 weeks. I don’t know what the “psychic” lady is telling her that’s making her go back, but it’s working. The only problem is that it’s also coming out of my pocket too since we are married and we keep our money together. Not only that, but any time something happens she’s like “my psychic told me about this…” and she just talks about her way too much in my opinion. I honestly feel like this so called “psychic” is taking advantage of my wife. I mean she is profiting from it. I asked my wife why does she feel the need to go, and she said that it’s her form of therapy and that I should support her. She says I won’t understand unless I were to go and see for myself. I think there’s other forms to help her cope with certain issues she’s been trying to overcome. I just think it’s weird, a bunch of BS and a waste of money. How can I help my wife see this? Or am I in the wrong? What if this really is a form of therapy for her and it’s making her happy? (email your situation to: