Situation 805: “My wife wants to spend money on getting ‘work’ done, which I don’t think she needs.”

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Good morning Central Coast! So my lady has been wanting to get some work done on her body. We’ve been married for 19 years and we have 3 kids together. Well ever since our 1st daughter was born she started to have insecurities with her body. She became unhappy with all the stretch marks that her 1st pregnancy left her. After our last daughter was born 5 years ago she said she was going to get a full mommy make over one day. Everything from tummy tuck, lipo, and a breast lift and augmentation. In my opinion, she looks great! I am still very much attracted to her. I often remind her that she is beautiful! I don’t about the stretch marks or the tummy. She gave birth to my kids… and those are just her “tiger stripes” I call them! They remind me of how strong she is and how amazing a woman’s body is to be able to carry another life inside of her. How can I hate that about her? I love my wife and I don’t want her to get any surgery. Not only do I disagree with the procedures but I refuse to pay for it. She brought back an estimate from a doctor and it is a lot of money. She saved up money and can pay for 80% on her own, but plain and simple think it’s a lot of money. I rather invest that money towards college for our girls. She says that I will never understand how a woman feels… which I obviously don’t. But I think it’s selfish of her to want to spend money on vanity for herself than have that money she saved up for our girls college. Who’s right? I’m the only one she needs to impress and I think she’s beautiful the way she is. She says she doesn’t have much confidence and this would help her feel like herself again and make herself happy. Help us settle this before she makes her appointment for surgery! (email your situation to: