Situation 805: “I’m dating my cousin’s ex…”

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Good morning! I hope this email gets to you guys before my trip is here! So I am a huge predicament. So I have a cousin who I’m not super close to but we are still cordial with each other when we see one other. All though we live in the same city we usually only see each other at family functions like weddings, birthday parties etc. Well he was dating this girl for about 3 years. She’s beautiful, amazing, super nice girl… she is just a great person all around. Well my cousin had been cheating on her for most of their relationship. She broke up with him at the beginning of the year. He finally got caught because he got some random girl pregnant. Well me and his ex have been hanging out since the beginning of summer and we are now dating. Well my cousin has been telling my other cousins and relatives that he’s going to let me have it once he sees me. I personally feel I’ve done nothing wrong. Yeah he’s my cousin, but like I said we aren’t even that close. He’s telling everyone I violated “bro code” for dating his ex. I think he had a great girl and he messed it up and now he’s realizing that he lost her, and he’s just bitter that he now expecting a baby with some girl he doesn’t even like. I am really feeling this girl and I know she’s feeling me too. It’s great! Well, all of our family is going o L.A. for our grandparent’s 70th wedding anniversary and I naturally want to take my girl as my date. I get that it’s gonna be a little weird for everyone to see her with me now, since she’s been around our family a few times before. Everyone is telling me not to take her because it’s going to create drama but how is that fair to us? At what point can I start bringing her around my family? Should I take her with me or let time pass for things to cool down? (email your situation to: