Situation 805: “My kid’s dad has kids from another relationship & gets mad because my kids are a little more well off”

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Good morning guys! So my situation goes like this… I have 2 kids with my ex. They are 2 boys, they are 6 and 9 years old. Him and I are separated. I am now in a new relationship. My ex has 2 other kids from a relationship he was in. He has our kids every other weekend. So here’s the thing.

I am doing very well financially. I make really good money. My ex works at minimum wage jobs which I’m not trying to put him down at all by mentioning that. I’m just glad he’s working and earning his money decently. I don’t receive one dime from him for our kids. I don’t need it.

I prefer he spends time with our kids, not money. Plus he has other kids and those kids could use his financial help. So here’s the thing… whenever I drop off my kids at their dad’s house it’s usually when he has his other 2 kids. My kids are my priority so I make sure they have the best of everything: clothes, shoes, everything.

Well my kids dad gets upset because my kids show up to his house with nice clean clothing that is possibly a little more expensive than what his other 2 kids show up with. I make sure my kids know how hard I work for everything they have so they can appreciate what they have.

He feels it’s not fair that my kids have what they have and his other 2 kids don’t. How is that my fault. Those are his kids. It’s his responsibility to provide. Not mine. I don’t ask him for any money, so he shouldn’t tell me how to spend mine, especially if it’s going towards our kids. I occasionally do buy his other kids shoes or other things if I know his kids will be there the same weekend my kids are. But I shouldn’t feel obligated to do so. This is an on going argument between us. Am I in the wrong for giving my kids the best I can provide for them. (email your situation to: