Situation 805: “Everyone always checks out my mom and it’s kinda uncomfortable.”

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Hello Danger and Loui and everyone on the Central Coast. Hi guys so I’m 18 years old. I graduated from high school in June of this year. Through out all my schooling I was always involved in sports, I was part of the football team and now that I started college I have joined the football team too. My mom is a single mom and she’s always been very supportive of me and has always attended all my games. I love her. My mom had me when she was 16 so she’s a young mom. She’s 34 now. Well growing up all my life all my classmates would tell me my mom was hot. I don’t know how to feel about that. I some times get embarrassed because I don’t like my classmates/teammates looking at my mom like that. Well now that I’m in college, all my football buddies always stare at my mom or make comments about how hot she is. It bothers me! I want my mom to keep coming to my games and to keep supporting me but I don’t want her to feel uncomfortable. For the most part the guys respectful around my mom and me when I tell them it bothers me but it’s still uncomfortable, everyone always checks her out once she shows up. What can I do to not feel this way? Should I tell my mom how I feel? Should I tell her to not come to my games? Should I not bring my friends around my mom? (email your situation to: