Situation 805: “I really preffer my boyfriend rockin’ a beard.”

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Good morning everyone listening! So I know I am going to sound very shallow but I don’t care. I don’t sugar coat anything. So I’ve been dating my boyfriend for a year. I’ve always been attracted to bearded men. My boyfriend is a great guy, he’s a hard worker and romantic, he’s also physically everything I like. He has a beautiful full beard. Well here’s the situation. Yes I love my boyfriend for who he is on the inside, but physical attraction is necessary! He lost a bet and shaved off his beard. I had never seen him with out it and he looks completely different! We are very open with each other and I told him I want him to grow it out. Well now he decided he wants to go without it for a while. I don’t like it! He is not my property and I cannot force him to let his beard grow out again, but I did tell him that if he decides to keep shaving, that I wasn’t going to have ANY sexy time with him. I know it sounds extreme but I just can’t stand looking at him without his facial hair! And if this continues I just don’t see myself being physically being attracted to him. Ladies/ fellas is this normal to feel like this about your man? What can we do to come to some kind of middle ground or is this just the beginning of the end? (email your situation to