Situation 805: “My wife has been going to a psychic for a while now & it’s causing problems.”

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So I really need help with this. My wife has been going to this psychic for about 5 years now. When my wife first went to see her, the psychic told her that things were going to go bad with her professionally so she suggested to change jobs. this really freaked my wife out so she ended up finding another job and low and behold a month later her old company went under. A lot of her previous co workers got caught without pay for a minute. That’s all it took! One reading for her to be convinced her psychic is legit to the point we’ve missed family vacation. Her psychic told her that it could be fatal if we went.To be honest her psychic has a not so accurate track record. Despite all that my wife still believes her. Now it is even causing problems between us to the point where her psychic told her that she had a vision of me becoming drunk and violent. I don’t even drink and if i do decide to drink she wont let me cause shes afraid. This is becoming a real problem and I’ve had it with this psychic. What do I do? (email your situation to