Situation 805: “I found this while I was cleaning. I don’t know what to think!”

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This is a little embarrassing to to even write in about but here goes. I recently was deep cleaning this last weekend and even checked in this crawl space we have in the garage that I haven’t been in years. To my surprise I ended up finding an inflatable woman and by the facial expression she was making it is very obvious what this doll is used for. I asked my husband about it and he blushed a little and had some stupid excuse about being a joke for a co worker during his bachelor party a few year back. I brought it up to one of my girlfriends and she says that he is definitely using it. I do admit that we have been lacking in that department of our relationship in the past year, but the more and more I think about it, the angrier I get about the whole thing. He’s giving his love to this doll and it’s just NOT natural. Any ideas on how to handle this? (email your situation to: