Situation 805: “WE need your help to decide who should give up their extra room, my husband, or myself?”

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Morning! So my situation  isn’t anything dramatic but I do want the listeners and everyone reading this to give us their opinion. My husband and I have 2 kids our son 9 and our daughter just turned 12. They have shared a room since they were kids. We feel it’s time for each of them to have their own bedroom. Our house has 4 bedrooms. One for us, our 2 kids currently share one and the other two (one is my office that I work from home and the other is my husband’s man cave.) We have to give one up to accommodate our kid’s needs. He doesn’t want to give up his space because he works a lot and says he needs that room to de-stress and it’s his little get away. And I don’t want to give up my room since I use it as my office, I am an event planner and I need my personal space for my business. Help us solve this situation we are in. How can we accommodate everyone’s needs? Thanks! (email your situation to: