Situation 805: My friend borrowed $ from me during quarantine and now that she got her stimulus check she’s been ignoring me”

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Hey guys! Good morning love the show. I need help with a situation. Maybe you have been through a similar situation and might be able to help. So a few months ago one of my good friends asked me to borrow money to help her with bills because she lost hours at her job during quarantine/ COVID-19. So I lent her $400 and she told me that she would pay me back asap. Then she got word that we were getting stimulus checks and she reassured me that once she received her check she would pay me back. Well the problem is she hasn’t paid me back and the worst thing is that I have noticed her posts on Instagram that she bought new shoes and has been doing her nails etc and I haven’t received a penny of what she owes me. Every time I try bringing it up she avoids the conversation and now it seems like she is avoiding me completely. So my question is how do I go about getting my money back? How would you do it? (Email your situation to