Situation 805: “My bff had her birthday & because of Covid19 I didn’t go.”

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Hello Danger what’s up Loui! I need your input on this. So I have a best friend who just had a b day party at her house. She is really upset at me right now because I didn’t go. We had been planning her b day for months now and she was going to get a bar, some kegs, the whole works. It was going to be a lot of fun. The thing is Covid-19 hit and it ruined most of the plans, well maybe not for her. A Lot of our friends didn’t make it but she was definitely expecting me to go. The reason I didn’t go is because some of the people that were going like her friends, family including her are not the best at wearing masks and social distancing. I’m taking this Coronavirus thing seriously. I don’t want to get sick. I’m legit scared! She said this b day was a special one for her because she’s turning 21 and she doesn’t want to be friends with someone that doesn’t have her back. I really do have her back but she doesn’t understand that I don’t want to get sick! What should I do? She has been my friend since we were in middle school and I don’t want to lose her as a friend. (email your situation to: