Situation 805: “I want my biological dad & the man who raised me to walk me down the isle, but there a problem.”

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Hello Danger and Loui, maybe you can help! So here goes my life story. So I was born because my mom cheated on my dad. Of course he’s not my biological father but he raised me, so to me he IS my dad. Thing is I didn’t not know this for a long time. I found this out when I was about 15 or 16. My dad, the person that raised me, didn’t even know I wasn’t his biological daughter until after my mom married him. She lied to him and I’m actually very surprised he stuck around. I love him dearly for that. My biological dad also stuck around if you can even believe that and I always knew him as a family friend. I would see him once in a while on weekends when he came around and we had a pretty close bond. It didn’t even dawn on me that we looked alike. When all of this was in the open I was devastated but eventually came to terms with it. My biological father told me he wanted to tell me all these years but my mom forbade him. Now I’m older and I’m 23 getting married. I came up with the great Idea of having both my dad and my biological father walk me down the aisle. I did not know that it would turn into a big thing when I told my family. My mom called me ungrateful and my dad said It was pretty disrespectful and I’d have to choose. My biological father doesn’t have any other kids so this would be the only opportunity for him to do something like this. You could tell that when I told him I’d have to choose he was pretty sad about the whole situation. My mom keeps saying that my biological dad was not there for me as a kid and that he isn’t half the father my dad is. At the same time my biological dad said he’d wanted to fight for me and tell me but like I said my mom didn’t let him. Also he didn’t want to go to court because he didn’t have the money and didn’t want to put that strain on me as a kid. Now my parents are threatening to not come to the wedding and not pay for it if I have my biological father walk me down the aisle… I’m pretty devastated about this whole thing and don’t know what to do? 😢 😢 😢 (email your situation to: