Situation: “My girlfriend has a crazy best friend!”

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Hello guys, So my girlfriend has a crazy best friend and now I’m paying for it. My girlfriend’s best friend invited her to a party last weekend. My girlfriend responsibly said no because of Covid and she also had work in the morning. it turns out we got a call around 2:30 in the morning and it was her best friend who was drunk and wanted to see if we could pick her up because no one else would and she got kicked out of the uber. So of course my girl sends me to go get her since she had to wake up in a few hours to go to work. We ended up deciding to meet by this gas station and when I got there she was laying down on the sidewalk. So I pull up and yell at her until she wakes up. She then goes off and starts cussing me out saying I’m an A hole and to F off then runs into an alley nearby. I wasn’t about to have this so I left. the next day when my girl gets back from work she goes off on me. Apparently her friend got mugged in that alley. Now her friend is trying to blame me that she got mugged and said I had to replace her bag and the $100 bucks she claims were in her bag. I refuse to pay her anything and now I might even lose my girlfriend over this! My girl told me that this is the worst thing I’ve ever done and that she is second guessing what kind of a man I am. Am I going crazy or am I really lame for not running after her and getting her in the car?! What is even happening right now??? I didn’t ask for this! what can I do? (email your situation to