Situation 805: “My brother did us dirty!”

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Morning guys hope you can help. So My brother was staying at my parents house while they were watching my 4 year old daughter. On one of those days he was home alone with my daughter and when we all got back home my parents tv was gone. He then told us that my daughter accidentally pulled on it somehow and it shattered and broke. He said there was nothing we could do because it was unrepeatable so he dumped it. I felt terrible so I gave my parents money so they could buy a new TV. Later in the week my parents called and said they actually had cameras set up in the house and for whatever reason they wanted to see what happened and it turns out my kid didn’t break the TV! My brother just took it! So I called my brother furious telling him what was his deal and he made some bs excuse saying the cameras probably glitched. Later I got a call from his girlfriend telling me that she knew what was going on and that she felt guilty. She explained that he just took it because they didn’t have one. Oh man I’m about to press charges on this guy would it be wrong for me to do that since he’s my brother. oh believe me i’m going to get my money back and call the cops to get my parent’s TV back. Am I wrong for calling the cops for theft or is that a bit too excessive since he is family? (email your situation to: