Situation 805: “My future mother in law want me to wear HER wedding dress to MY wedding.”

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First off I am Getting married! Congratulations to me lol. But here goes my situation. My soon to be mother in law wants me to wear HER dress to the wedding. This dress has been passed down a few times in her family and it’s tradition that the oldest daughter gets the dress. SHE DOESN’T HAVE ANY DAUGHTERS! My fiance is her oldest child. I found out she wanted me to wear the dress one day when she made a joke about this dress I fell in love with at a bridal shop down south. She said “too bad you can’t wear it for the wedding” and “Is it for Halloween or something?” That’s when she told me about the dress. I honestly don’t want to wear this dress, it’s old, yellow from age, and outdated ballroom style like with the puffs in the shoulders and everything. It is so hard to say no to her because she brought me in when I was younger while dating her son. I was living in an unhealthy home with my parents and she has been like a mom to me. I can say more than my own mother. What do I do? I don’t want to seem ungrateful! Thank you for helping me out 🙂