Situation 805: “My bff’s girlfriend is jealous of our friendship.”

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Hello Guys! I am very sad because I feel like I’m losing my guy best friend. I’m a female and have known him literally since birth. He just got a new girlfriend and she is cool and nice but when we all get together sometimes she gets jealous of us and sometimes gets mad at him. Him and I really have the same sense of humor and have a lot of inside jokes and I really think that gets to her but that’s because we know each other for a long time. She is insecure because she says that her ex cheated on her with his friend but that has nothing to do with us. There is no reason to doubt us. I have a lot of respect for relationships and I would never interfere. I would never flirt with anyone that has a boyfriend, especially my friend. He’s my friend! They are super cute together but we don’t hang out as much because she seems to get angrier and angrier. I’m losing my friend! What can I do to salvage our relationship? (email your situation to?: