Situation 805: “My bf gave me a letter from his ex!”

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So this is a real awkward scenario and it really makes me feel weird. I have been dating my boyfriend for about 9 months now he’s 27 and he had a 3 year relationship before me with another girl when he was 22 to 25. This girl was apparently a saint and according to his friends they had the perfect relationship. They all say she was a kind and loving person and that they were the dream couple. The only reason they broke up is because she was from Germany and she missed home so she went back. some of his friends even said that they don’t think that he will ever be able to love the same as he did with her which tore me apart and hurt. Well it got weird not too long ago. Apparently his ex wrote a letter so he could give it to his his next girlfriend so he gave it to me. It said something along the lines of I’m very lucky to be with him. She wishes us both happiness and that I must be a real special person for him to be with him. blah blah bla… so she was very nice in the letter but still made me feel real weird. I don’t know how to feel. I feel very insecure if I’m even going to be able to live up to her. Should i try to contact her? I feel jealous because i feel like I’m not as close to my boyfriend like she was. I’m so confused. Should I even be with this guy? what do you guys think about this situation? I’m literally crying! (email your situation to: