Situation 805: “My man did not stand up for me, so I had my ex take me home.”

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Is this a deal breaker? So I went out with my new boyfriend to a party, everything was fine pretty much the whole night. Later that night, a girl showed up with her boyfriend at the party. We know this girl is trouble because we have seen her at other parties, so I knew I had to keep a lookout. Sure enough as the night goes on I see her grabbing my phone that I set on the counter and put it in her purse when she thought I wasn’t looking. I confronted her and she got all crazy. Eventually her boyfriend comes in and calls me the worst things you can imagine. she eventually throws the phone at me and I get it back. the whole time this was going on my boyfriend was sitting on the couch watching not doing anything. He didn’t even come to see if I was ok until after! I got so upset I called my ex to pick me up and take me home. I don’t know but I don’t feel like my bf stood up for me and now I see him as a sissy. My ex would never have reacted that way. I later asked my boyfriend about it and he said it would never happen again. What do you guys think? Should I give him another chance to redeem himself?(email your situation to: