Situation 805: “My parents didn’t pay for my college but they did for my brothers.”

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I wanted to see what you guys thought and tell me if I am being unreasonable. So basically I grew up in a very traditional home where my parents thought traditional gender roles are the way things are supposed to be. I am the only girl in my family. I have two brothers. They both ended up going to college and my parents ended up paying for their school, books, and even living expenses. By the time it was my turn to apply for college they discouraged me from doing so because once again I was supposed to follow my gender role (being a housewife/ baby maker). This made me really angry and I applied to college anyway. I got accepted and didn’t tell my parents I was moving out until literally a week before I left. I ended up getting a few scholarships and had to pay my way through college. It’s been like four years now and I have a husband and I am about to have a kid. They reached out to me and said they wanted to meet up, so we did. They ended up saying they were sorry if they ever caused me any hurt. I asked what they were specifically sorry about and they didn’t want to talk about it they just wanted to move on. That wasn’t enough for me so I told them if they were truly sorry to reimburse me for college and pay like they did with my brothers. My mom was in shock and she started crying and my dad couldn’t believe I was being serious. now my brothers are calling me saying I was being immature and hurtful. But what about me I was hurt too? Am I going it the wrong way? what do you think? My brothers got everything, I didn’t! (email your situation to: