Situation 805: “My friends (who are a couple) want me to father their baby but there’s so much to think about. Help!”

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I just got hit with a heavy proposition. Two girls approached me and no it’s not what you think? I have two female friends that are a couple. I have known them for a really long time and I can honestly say they are good friends. I need some real advice from maybe someone who has gone through this before it would be really helpful. They recently asked me If I would be willing to donate my lil guys If you know what I mean, so they can have a kid. At first I was very flattered they said I was a good looking guy that’s 25, healthy with a good personality. I was very humbled and honored that they asked me. I would have to sign all paperwork saying I am giving up all my rights to my DNA and of course my biological child. At first it was cool but the more I think about it, I feel like I’m in a moral dilemma. I know they’d be good parents. Has anyone else gone through this? I have read people in the past regretting this and that it has taken an emotional toll especially if they know they are the father of someone they know. (email your situation to: