Situation 805: “My Manager is hooking up with my co-worker and it’s affecting my job!”

Good morning guys, I have a situation at work and its really affecting me during the job. The thing is my manager seems to have a close relationship with my co-worker. I honestly wouldn’t give two thoughts about it but man its really not helping me out while I am working. Some people might think that this is jealousy but I assure its not. They are like always together at the store between the isles always hiding in certain areas or in the break room by themselves. Overall always together during work hours and when I need him to help out with something hes always with said co-worker. I feel like my manager is definitely giving special treatment to my co-worker and work hours are prioritized with one employee. It is really awkward to ask for help because I feel like I’m interrupting their thing they got going. I really don’t know what to do. (email your situation to