Situation 805: “Should I tell my bro he is not the father”

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Hey guys need some help with this. So my wife and I have some friends that are married with a 3 year old. My wife has been really good friends with the wife for years now and eventually that’s how we met her husband when they started dating. Long story short we all became good friends always going over to their place or them coming over to ours. We always go out together, recently my wife had a conversation with her friend and she confessed that their 3 year old son isn’t her husbands. She says she feels bad about it but doesn’t plan on telling him. She told my wife that it was a rough time in their relationship where she had an entanglement. Our friends do seem happy now but I have become pretty close to her husband we watch football together play poker and have beers frequently. So what I’m wondering is should I say something. I mean I would want to know wouldn’t you? My wife tells me not to butt in and that this could ruin their relationship. Should I say something?

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