Situation 805: “Is it taboo if a date a man over 25 years younger than me?”

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Good morning! wanted to write in because I wanted to hear your opinion and thoughts on my situation. A woman never reveals her age but lets just say I am over 50 years young. Late last year I met a 24 year old man at the gym I go to and we bacame friends after talking and seeing him there frequently. We eventually exchanged numbers and went out for meals after the gym strictly as friends. eventually I was seeing him more often to the point I was helping him with one of his college projects and things kind of escalated and things happened between us. Now he is pushing me to start dating! I do like him but then I think about my kids that are around his age. Is it normal or ok to date someone much youger than you? I feel like it is taboo. What do you think? (email your situation to