Situation 805: “My wife has let herself go”

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What’s up. Okay I need everyone’s opinion on this one. I’ve been married to my wife for 3 years. Since the pandemic hit my wife has been been able to work from home. Here’s the thing, ever since she started, she stopped taking pride in her appearance. I don’t expect her to be in full hair & makeup every single day but at least act like you care. Just because you’re married doesn’t mean you should stop caring. We jokingly talked about the quarantine 15 (extra weight put on during quarantine) she’s gained 20lbs since April. I’ve hinted in a nice way that she’s been letting herself go. I offered to buy her new wardrobe if she threw out her stretched ugly lounge clothes away. She took up the offer but she bought Crocks & more loose sweatpants instead. I love my wife but this isn’t the woman I married. She thinks it’s part of maturing as a couple, I’m trying to let her know it’s not attractive and it’s turning me off. I want my sexy woman back. Do all woman go through this once they’re married?

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